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Minutes of Monthly Meeting

Meet the Candidates

28 January 1998



1. Welcome

Bob Sutherland welcomed the candidates for Molonglo, members of the public and the committee. Mr Sutheralnd advised the candidates that a random draw would be made to determine the order of speaking and each candidate had 3 minutes. Questions from the audience would be taken after all candidates had spoken.

2. Finances

A motion to agree to endorse the expenditure for the publicity for this meeting of $750 was needed . This was moved by Jeff Carl and seconded by Jocelyn Murphy.


3. Candidates attending.

The candidates in Molonglo who attended were:

Bull, Sue Democratic Socialists

Burke, Jacqui Liberal

Carnell, Kate Liberal

Coats, Jim Democrats

Corbell, Simon ALP

Cornwell, Greg Liberal

Dawson, Allan Shooter’s Party

Dyer, Nick Independent

Errery, Jane Democrats

Garth, Steve ALP

Humphries, Gary Liberal

Kellet, Joan Independent

Le Couteur, Caroline Greens

McEwan, Melissa Democrats

McMurty, Tania ALP

Moore, Michael Independent

Quinlan, Ted ALP

Rees, Jacqui Independent

Reilly, Marion ALP

Tucker, Kerrie Greens


4. Order of Speaking

Numbers were allocated to candidates and these were randomly drawn. The order of speaking was;

10 Reilly

15 Garth

12 Coates

5 McEwan

14 Le Couteur

13 Bull

4 Kellet

1 Dawson

11 Corbell

16 Errey

17 Humphries

8 Quinlan

2 Cornwell

7 Dyer

6 Moore

18 Carnell

9 McMurty

3 Burke

19 Tucker

20 Rees


5 Questions from the audience.


Questions were directed to individual candidates, the main parties or all candidates. The issues raised covered:


Meeting closed 10.15pm

Next Meeting 25th February 1998 Canberra Parks -

a district park for Weston Creek


March 25th ACTION - new routes and timetable in Weston Creek.