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Minutes of the WCCC Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 28 April 1999



Bob Sutherland welcomed the public and members of the Committee.



Gary Caitcheon, Marion Kossatz

Tenth Anniversary of Self-Government.

The meeting was advised that the WCCC had been invited to the Chief Minister’s Gala Dinner for the 10th anniversary of self-government. The tickets are $100 per person. The meeting decided that the WCCC would not use its limited funds for this purpose. The invite is declined.

Budget Submission

The meeting was advised that both Mr Humphries and Mr Quinlan had asked for copies of the budget submission to the Chief Minister. Mr Sutherland has also been into the Legislative Assembly to meet with Mr Quinlan regarding the budget submission. Mr Quinlan did support the continuing funding of community councils.

Gungahlin Drive (John Dedman Parkway)

Mr Sutherland attended a meeting with Brendan Symth to discuss the above. WCCC was invited as a representative group from the Southside. Maps of the proposed routes were circulated to this meeting. There was general debate on the routes proposed by the government and the O’Connor residents.


LAPAC Review

A letter has been sent from the WCCC to PALM as input for the LAPAC review.


Prison location

A letter has been sent from the WCCC as a submission on the location of a prison in the ACT.

Phillip Swimming Pool

There has been substantial feedback and press coverage from the last monthly meeting on the Philip Swimming Pool. The meeting had a follow-up discussion on the outcomes and the on-going debate regarding the facilities in Phillip. The meeting agreed that the issues would be put to Gary Humphries and Brendan Smyth. In addition Mr Sutherland would approach the CEO of the Southern Cross Club to inform him of the issues and concerns of the WCCC.

Annual General Meeting

The meeting agreed that an effort would be made to advise people; who had completed membership forms, entered their name in the attendance book, or who were on the electronic mailing list; of the AGM.

The AGM will be held on 26th May 1999 at the Royals.


Meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Next meeting AGM 26 May 1999