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Minutes Monthly Meeting

22 April 1998


ACT Greenhouse Strategy

1. Welcome

Bob Sutherland welcomed the committee, members of the public and the invited speakers from Planning & Land Management (Tony Adams and Campbell Fletcher) and from Environment ACT (Fran Stephens). In addition Mr Sutherland welcomed Annette Ellis Federal member for Namadgi.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Jeff Carl.

  1. Overview by Tony Adams

Tony Adams provided the meeting with an outline of the measures being undertaken by the government to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by activities in the ACT. This involved the development of a greenhouse strategy and the production of an integrated Land Use and Transport strategy. An interim discussion document has been produced and this had been widely distributed. Inputs and suggestions are welcomed and the material will be considered for inclusion in the greenhouse strategy, which will be available to the public in June.

The strategy involved buses, houses and their construction, planning policies and their impact on the environment. The aim is to find a better way of achieving outcomes. A residential code of practice was being pursed in addition to various transport options. Transport emissions are a heavy contributor to greenhouse gases. The ACT has set a return to 1990 level of gas emissions by 2008 as a target.

4. Overview by Fran Stephens.

Environment ACT was investigating the establishment of an independent advisory service for energy savings (therefore reducing greenhouse fuel use). This could include advice on insulation, hot water, heating and the options for solar heating. Possible schemes to assist in providing funds to put in place greenhouse gas savings were also being considered. Mandatory roof insulation in new houses by legislation was being developed. Energy rating of houses that analysed the costs of heating/cooling could be considered. This would use a similar approach to appliances and provide information to the marketplace to inform decision-making. The ACT Government is looking at its own buildings and schools to reduce energy use. A possible option when renewing registration is to pay $25 to plant 7 trees, which is the equivalent of the greenhouses gases produced each year by a motor vehicle.

5. Discussion of issues relating to greenhouse emissions.

The issues raised by members of the audience included:

There was also discussion of the implications and costing of energy conservation. Bob Sutherland thanked the invited speakers and the contribution of the audience to the debate.

6. Next meeting

The next meeting will be Wednesday 27th May 1998, which is the AGM. Bob Sutherland will investigate inviting a guest speaker.

Meeting closed 9.40pm