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Monthly Meeting of the WCCC

23rd June 1999



The Chairman reported that the Secretary, Alan Henderson, apologized for his non-attendance which was caused by illness.


In view of the illness of the Secretary the Minutes of the last meeting were not presented to the meeting. The Chairman suggested that the minutes of the May meeting should be presented for approval to the next meeting of the Community Council. This was agreed.


There being no minutes there was no business arising.


The Chairman suggested that, in view of the small attendance, it not make a great deal of sense to deal with substantial issues this meeting. There were 7 people present at the meeting. The Chairman suggested that in stead that they might again consider forthcoming devlopments in Weston Creek.

(a) Weston Group Centre Upgrade

The Chairman reported that the first stage of the upgrade was now completed. The new plantings may take some time to grow and when they did they should be an improvement on the previous landscape arrangement. The next stage of the improvement program will be the redevelopment of the north and south carparks adjacent to Cooleman Court. This work should proceed this financial year. The present parking arrangements will be replaced with "herringbone" car spaces and the entrances and exits will be changed to improve the exiting and entrance arrangements.

(b) Weston Creek Youth Facilities

The Chairman commented that, as far as he knew, the Youth facility development would also be completed this financial year. The proposals had been accepted well except for the proposed sound stage which would use part of the open courtyard of the Weston Creek Community Service. This issue may have to be raised again.

(c) Proposed bike way on Streeton Drive

The Chairman said that this issue had been raised in the past by a Council member. It had been suggested that a bike lane be provided on Streeton Drive. This was not likely to be an expensive project but it would need some consideration because the road may not be wide enough. Nevertheless the current bike path crossing at the intersection of Mulley and Street Drive was so awkward for bicycle riders that most used the roadway as it stood. There was no easy way to improve this intersection for riders and a road bicycle lane appeared to be the most practical solution despite the difficulties. There was a large number of riders using Streeton Drive particularly in the summer months. As far as was known there had been no accidents involving bicycle riders on Streeton Drive. The Chairman agreed to ask for an investigation of this proposal.

(d) Location of bus stop on Heysen Street

The Chairman reported that the location of the bus stop at the top of Heysen Street near the intersection of Bunny Street was too close to the newly installed traffic islands. When a bus stopped at this stop it blocked traffic from passing. The Chairman agreed to do what he could to have the bus stop moved a few metres further down the street to avoid this problem.


The Chairman reported that the Council had received two telephone accounts which needed payment, and this was covered by the AGM agreement. An account had been received for the renewal of the email and money was needed to lodge the annual report with the Registrar General. He apologised for the fact that he did not have the exact amounts required but said that total expenditure would not exceed $200. The Secretary would advise the next meeting of the exact amounts at the next meeting. In the meantime could he have approval to spend up to $200 on these accounts which needed immediate payment. Moved Bob Sutherland. Seconded Rosemary Drabsch. CARRIED


The date of the next meeting would be as advertised on 28 July 1999.

The meeting closed at 9:00 pm