Update – Meeting Outcomes – Public Housing

Chisholm – 20 new public housing dwellings have been formally handed over to the ACT Government. The townhouses are the first Public Housing Renewal Taskforce construction project to be delivered to Housing ACT.

The Deputy Chief Minister has responded to earlier correspondence on the Public Renewal taskforce community issues. The consultations are on-going.

Previous update 19 April 2017. The Weston Creek Community Council has written to all 25 members of the Legislative Assembly outlining its concerns over the decisions made by the Public Housing Renewal Task Force on Public Housing and the Minister for Housing and Suburban Development.

These decisions have been made without any prior consultation with the existing communities. Our communities will welcome Public Housing but there is an issue of imposing this on communities without any consultation or chance to contribute to a good outcome for both old and new residents. See the full letter here……

Council also expressed concern about the use of Community Facility Zoned land for “normal” housing.

Council also included a Summary of the comments made at the Public meeting held on 6 April at Chapman Primary School.

To read the summarey please click here…  or read on below

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