EVO Energy Follow-up from June 22 Meeting

At our June 2022 Public Meeting, the Evo Energy representatives undertook to find out the answers to a few questions. Evo has responded in the email below. Evo has also provided the attached community brochure they have developed following their earlier engagement with Council.

Please see our responses to the questions taken on notice during last Wednesdays presentation.  I am confident that I captured them all, however let me know if you think there is something we missed.

  • What is the proportion of commercial load vs residential load?
    • data for 2020/21
    • Residential Energy 1225 GWh (43%)
    • Commercial Energy (and non-residential) 1625GWh (57%)
    • Total Consumption 2851 GWh
  • I also had a look back at 2018/19 (Pre-COVID), which shows a slight variation on these numbers.
    • Residential Energy 1174 GWh (41%)
    • Commercial Energy (and non-residential) 1712GWh (59%)
    • Total Consumption 2886 GWh
  • What is a grid forming inverter?
    • A grid forming inverter can set their own internal voltage waveform reference and can synchronise with the grid or operate independently of other generation.  This means they can black start, run as an island and then re-synchronise.  It can pretty much operate like a hydro or gas generator with these capabilities.
  • Is the 132 kV transmission line undergrounding project going under the Murrumbidgee river?  No, we can confirm that it is not going under the river.

I have also attached a community brochure that was created following our experience presenting to the WCCC, which includes a summary of key content and links to additional information.  I hope that your members find this useful.

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