Development Application Lodged for the Bridge over the Molonglo

Council welcomes the lodgment of the Development Application for the bridge over the Molonglo River in Molonglo. It will be the biggest bridge in the ACT. The cost estimate is $174 million part of which will be funded by the Commonwealth government. This will join the two parts of Molonglo as well as providing an alternate link over the Molonglo when the Tuggeranong Parkway is closed.

The proposed John Gorton Drive expansion comprises 1.7km of dual carriageway, a new 225 metre bridge over the Molonglo River, separated share paths, two new signalised intersections, bridge pier footings, lighting and servicing, stormwater management, tree removal, landscape rehabilitation and other associated works. The deadline for comments on this DA is 27 January 2021.

A few perspectives of the proposed bridge are here.

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