A Disappointing Response from Minister Gentleman on the Coombs Shops

Council has finally received a response to its letter of 11 March. Waiting for over 3 months for a letter that provides no answer to the Coombs Shops debacle really does disappoint. The answer is wait for Koko to open at the end of probably 2021, another 18 months away, and the future Molonglo Group Centre sometime in the future. There is really nothing in the letter to give anything positive to the residents. Read the letter here Continue reading

Development Application lodged for the “Temporary” Car Park at Cooleman Court

Despite Council writing to Minister Steel advising him that the now 65 car park spaces could be found from a review of the current parking in and around Cooleman Court, Government has gone ahead and lodged a Development Application.  We would encourage you to lodge comments on this proposal pointing out that there is no need for it now. Continue reading

Another Blow to our Community – Target is closing at Coolo.

Wesfarmers announced today that the Target Store that we all love, and have loved for years in Cooleman Court, is to be closed.  This is another shattering blow to our Community following the closure of the Commonwealth Bank Branch at Coolo in March.
The timing is appalling in the middle of the Covid 19 crisis.
Council is shattered and surprised that this has been announced like all bad news, on a Friday afternoon.  This is more than disappointing for our Community, it is a blow to the body.  It is also a blow for those who will lose their employment at this time and for the Centre itself with the largest retail shop closing.  No mention of a Kmart coming in.  Surely this is not the time for a conglomerate like Wesfarmers to make these decisions.
While it is another blow to the local community, we are resilient and we will get through this as well.  Read the letter advising the closure here.

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