B-double and heavy vehicle routes to the Enlarged Cotter Dam site

Traffic CotterBulk Water Alliance have responded to a WCCC query regarding the B-double and heavy vehicle routes to the Enlarged Cotter Dam site.

The primary road used by Enlarged Cotter Dam construction (light and heavy) vehicles is Cotter Road. Paddys River Road is a secondary route (e.g. for overweight and/or overwidth vehicle loads). Brindabella Road is used as a secondary access route into the Enlarged Cotter Dam construction site.

As you may have heard, we have just started placing the first layers of roller compacted concrete (RCC) to construct the new 80m high wall. This means our B-double trucks are now importing cement and fly-ash, used in the RCC for constructing the main dam, for the next eight months. Our B-double trucks use Cotter Road (via Streeton Drive) to access the Enlarged Cotter Dam construction site.


Also, some increased construction traffic will continue over the next few months on Brindabella Road and some unsealed tracks close to the Cotter Reservoir as we continue building artificial rock reef habitats at carefully selected sites around the Cotter Reservoir (i.e. to provide new shelter for the endangered Macquarie Perch when the new reservoir begins to fill). The use of public roads will be limited for this work and these selected areas around the Cotter Reservoir will be marked as construction access only.

Further information on the Enlarged Cotter Dam, including traffic information, is on the ACTEW website: http://www.actew.com.au/Our%20Projects/Enlarged%20Cotter%20Dam/Traffic%20information.aspx

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