Athletics Fields and Sporting Facilities in Weston Creek

Sports Minister Bill Stefaniak announced that the athletics facility for South Canberra would be located at Woden Park adjacent to the Hospital. There has been considerable debate regarding the lack of community consultation and consideration of the objections that the WCCC have made in respect of the unsuitability of the site. The issue was also raised at the regular monthly meeting of the WCCC on 24 Nov 99.

The various opinions expressed in media releases appeared not to be based on the facts of the argument against sports crowding into one location; namely; car parking, congestion with residential use, lack of use of buses to get to athletics meets and proximity to the hospital.

Concerns were also voiced that the efforts of the Weston Creek Tennis Club to broker an outcome for Weston Creek were not considered. The WCCC increased the amount of publicity on the dissatisfaction of Weston Creek residents of the proposed outcome. In addition it was considered necessary to question the validity of a feasibility study which considered only one option.

The WCCC lobbied for the inclusion of the ovals of the former Holder High School in the study. The Holder site meets the major criteria for such a facility. The study into the new facility was centered on Woden Park, which is confined by apartments, the hospital and the cemetery.

The WCCC will continue to lobby for athletics facilities to be provided at the Holder site in preference to the inadequate Woden site. The Holder site could also be used for Little Athletics who at the present time are located at Chapman Primary Oval without the provision of even basic toilet and change rooms.

If the Holder site is the subject of alternate government proposals (speculative but unknown at this time) the WCCC will continue, year on year to pressure the incumbent government of the day to improve the facilities at the oval adjacent to Chapman Primary School for change rooms, toilets and showers (both male and female) for users of sport and recreation facilities in Weston Creek, irrespective of their affiliation to organised groups. The WCCC will continue to pursue this objective on behalf of Weston Creek residents.

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