An update on the proposed Car Park off Parkinson Street at Weston

Changes have been made to the proposed Temporary Car Park off Parkinson Street at Cooleman Court resulting in a reduction of car parking spaces to 65.  Read the letter here

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  1. christine mellors

    While the community will welcome the revised changes to the temporary car park design at Cooleman Court and the saving of so many established eucalypts, Council should investigate further the choice of 125 Westringia shrubs in the surrounding planting/landscaping of the car park.

    Residents in Watling Place may benefit from the choice of a somewhat higher growing Australian native shrub than most Westringia varieties from a privacy perspective in some areas of the new landscaping.

    A hardy Callistemon, Melaleuca or fast growing Acacia variety could complement the already existing birdscape of the area, attracting parrots and other birds frequenting the eucalypts in the proposed carpark area and indeed the Cooleman Court area.

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