ACTION Bus Routes

Meetings with ACTION senior management are held at regular intervals and the main purpose is to ensure that communications are open so that a repeat of the previous problems with ACTION timetables and route design in Weston Creek do not occur.

The ACTION CEO, Guy Thurston, attends the meetings and the outcomes have been productive.

Representatives of the WCCC attended an ACTION sponsored public meeting in October 1997, which was poorly attended by the public. The WCCC offered to assist ACTION in Weston Creek and the March 1998 regular monthly meeting was offered to ACTION. At this meeting the audience raised valid concerns regarding the inadequacy of the bus routes in Weston Creek and provided suggestions for change. ACTION indicated that the revised bus routes would be in use in July 1998.

ACTION staff have attended several other WCCC monthly meetings. The most recent being August 1999 when ACTION outlined the changes planned for September 1999. The improvements in January 2000 also assisted Weston Creek residents. The most recent issues raised by residents can be seen in the WCCC August 1999 minutes.

The WCCC continues to discuss issues with ACTION management on route timetables and design.

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